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Cookie Policy

I. General
  1.  "Euroins" AD (the Company) uses cookies on the Company's website and platforms with addresses -, and This Policy explains how this is done.
  2. This Policy contains the types of cookies that are used on the Company's website, their purpose and what may be the choice of users of the site regarding their use.
II. What are cookies
  1. Cookies, also known as tracking cookies, browser cookies, and HTTP cookies, are small text files that are stored on a computer, mobile phone, tablet, and other devices when you visit a website. A text file is an encrypted packet of information sent by a web server to the Internet browser and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server. Because of their nature, cookies are not dangerous to online security – they are neither spyware nor viruses. Cookies are essential because they enable users to use the Company's website and also support access to the electronic services provided by Euroins AD.
  2. "Euroins" AD does not collect information about visitors to the site, which can be used for marketing purposes and does not track the Internet activity of the same. Cookies help to understand how users use the website, which pages are most popular in order to offer a better service.
III. Cookies used
  1. Depending on the organization that manages the server or the domain from which cookies are sent, they can be "first-party cookies" (cookies sourced by the website being visited) and "third-party cookies" (cookies whose source is another website).
  2. First-party cookies or essential cookies.

          2.1. These cookies are essential for website visitors to go from one page to another, and also provide access to features such as creating an account when registering and accessing various applications. These cookies are not used to collect information about visitors that can be used for marketing purposes and do not contain data about the pages visited.

          2.2.    These cookies are session (temporary), which means that they are stored on the device for the duration of the visit to the website or until the browser is closed. Then they are deleted.

      3. When the Company's website is first visited, a banner is displayed on the left side of the screen informing that the site uses cookies. The banner asks the user if he wants additional information and contains a link to the page where the Cookie Policy is located. In the event that the visitor decides to ignore the notification by accepting cookies via the "Accept" button and continues to use the website, he will store a cookie on his device to register this choice and further browsing the website will be considered consent to the use of all cookies described in the Policy. The notification banner will not be displayed again on the screen on future visits to the website, but the visitor will have the opportunity to remove cookies at any time through the settings of the browser he uses. Choosing "X" will allow the visitor to use the site without third-party cookies. But there is a risk of complete non-functioning of the site.

The table below provides more information about the first-party cookies used on the Company's website.


Cookies policy table 1

    4. Third-party cookies.

       4.1.    Euroins AD uses Google Analytics to generate statistics on site traffic and traffic sources, for example: number of visitors per unit of time, from where visitors access the site and which pages are viewed most often. Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google").

       4.2.    Information about the use of the Company's website is stored on Google servers. This information is anonymized (aggregated) to create an overall picture of your use of the website, does not identify the visitor, or link to other information that can identify the visitor. The table below contains more information about cookies.


Cookies policy table 2

To prevent Google Analytics tracking from all websites, you should visit


IV. Other tracking devices
  1. Euroins AD may use other industry standard technologies, such as pixel tags and other web beacons, to track how the Company's web pages and promotions are used, or it may allow third-party service providers to use these devices (on behalf of the Company).
  2. Pixel tags and other web beacons are small graphic images located on individual parts of the Company's web pages or in emails and allow us to understand whether an action is taking place.

          2.1.  When you access these pages or open or click on an email, pixel tags or other Internet tags send a notification (which does not contain personal data) about this action. Pixel tags allow you to better understand user behavior and calculate visitor traffic on the site. You may use pixel tags and other internet tags that are marketing partners and provide them for the same purposes.

V. Cookie Control
  1. Provided that the visitor to the Company's site does not wish to accept cookies, you can disable them from the settings of the browser used by him, and you can also set most browsers to block them. For more information, you can visit the official website of the browser manufacturer.
  2. It is important to know that disabling first-party cookies may lead to violations in the functionality of the site and inability to use the services provided. (For more information about cookies, you can visit
  3. Cookies from links to other sites. When using the Company's site, visitors may be directed to another site or application for search, information, and more. These sites use their own cookies. Euroins AD is not responsible for the control, content and management of cookies on pages that are accessed through links from the Company's website.
VI. For information
  1. Questions regarding this policy can be directed to the following e-mail address: Any changes to the Cookie Policy will be posted on the Company's official website.
  2. The policy is part of the measures for transparency and confidentiality in data processing, subject to review and update in case of changes in the technical parameters of the Company's website, as well as the general annual review of the internal control framework.


Transitional and final provisions

§1.     This Policy was adopted by a decision of the Management Board of Euroins AD on 28.02.2019 and shall enter into force on the same date. The policy has been amended by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Company from 18.12.2020 and the changes are in force from the same date, it has been changed by a decision of the Board of Directors of 31.10.2023 and shall enter into force on the same date.

§2.     For cases not settled by this Policy, the relevant provisions of the current legislation shall apply.